PMM provide a product and mould design service for the injection, blow and rotational moulding industries in South Africa and internationally.

In product design the following needs should be considered carefully:

  • The environment where the product will function? (outside, inside, chemicals, heat, etc)
  • The application: what does it have to do?
  • The lifespan of the product
  • Prototyping of your product
  • All of the above would determine the material that the part is moulded in

For mould design the following needs to be considered:

  • The volume of the product needed per order or per month
  • The layout of the mould; single parts or family of parts
  • A cost effective design meaning a mould that is easy to machine, a balanced layout and minimal manual labor.

The service that we offer is personal and hands on. Closely monitoring your project makes it a cost effective winning situation for all parties involved.We also have a good working relationship with other mould makers, and are able to work together on bigger or shorter lead time projects. This assists in bringing your product to market quicker.